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Which is the Most Popular Vegan & Cruelty Free Brand in India

There are plenty of questions that come along with the emerging trend of vegan and cruelty free skin care, hair care and make up trends. It is easy to wrap your head around a vegan diet, but the concept of vegan products for skin, hair and body can be a bit much.

Vegans are people who follow a diet free of meat and animal by-products like milk and cheese.Similarly, vegan skin care, hair care and make up don't use animal derived ingredients whilst formulating their products. Cruelty free products are basically products that have not been tested on animals by manufacturers and their suppliers. So anything that's cruelty free is pretty awesome as it means no animals were killed, hurt or exploited whilst these products were manufactured. A lot of brands can be cruelty free without being vegan as they use ingredients that are made using animal by-products.



Vegan skin care, hair care and make up are better for one's skin as they use plant based ingredients. They are also better in terms of reducing environmental damage and promoting kindness towards animals. Some ingredients used in vegan products have been used for centuries in different cultures as they are known for their healing and cosmetic properties. Vegan products are generally rich in vitamins filled with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties making them the perfect buy even for people with the most sensitive skin.

Vegan brands also tend to opt for more eco-friendly options, choosing ingredients that are renewable, using packaging that is minimal and recyclable, using manufacturing methods that leave the smallest carbon footprint and employing business practices that leave the least waste. This makes a huge difference in a world where the ecosystems are challenged and pollution and waste are destroying the oceans we depend upon.

In India, the vegan and cruelty free skin, hair and makeup trend is also catching up. While there are a lot of vegan brands available in the market today, Paul Penders is the most popular vegan and cruelty free brand in India.

The Paul Penders story began over 50 years ago in the Netherlands. With support from the Dutch herbal master Herma Eeftinik and healer Dr. Ab Steyn, Paul the founder of Paul Penders, decided to incorporate a unique family recipe, a herbal extract called LevensESSENTIE Gold (Dutch for “Essence of Life”) into his extraordinary skin and hair care formulations. This exclusive herbal extract uses coconut water, anti oxidants, Vitamins A, B, C and E, enzymes, liposomes and ceramides, ingredients that are especially beneficial for the skin. They shifted their entire manufacturing to India a few years back.

An active environmentalist and ardent animal rights activist, Paul’s philosophy of no chemical and no animal testing evolved into an award winning vegan skincare, hair care and make up range for people of all ages worldwide. Their products are made with love and positivity, in The Himalayas using choicest of ingredients like the purest mineral snow melt-water straight from Mount Everest 20000 feet above ground level, a most unique feature of the brand. The essential oils used in their products are ethically sourced from around the world and a lot of their ingredients are grown organically in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Paul Penders products are certified by an international accredited laboratory to guarantee their freshness and efficacy. They are EWG verified and certified by AVA in New York. They have a complete skin care range that includes cleansers, toners, anti ageing products, botanical moisturisers, masks, scrubs, eye creams, facial speciality care, suncare and botanical body care. Their haircare products include shampoos, conditioners, intensive hair therapy products and balms for after wash care. They also have an extensive range for men and baby care. The make up products they have are made by hand in small batches using the trendiest colour palettes to suit every complexion and mood.

Paul Penders products are extremely gentle yet effective on the skin and hair, making them the most popular vegan and cruelty free brand in India today. Along with the bounty of awards this brand has received, they are tested to comply with the strictest international regulations world wide, making it a very easy decision for us to choose them for all our skin, hair and makeup requirements.

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