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PAUL PENDERS HAIR CARE RANGE - Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Award-winning vegan beauty brand Paul Penders Botanicals presents an extensive hair care range that is enriched with a special mixture of 22 organically grown herbs, a unique blend which is the pride of Paul Penders - LevensESSENTIE Gold®that is sure to protect and nourish your hair.

Love In The Layers Shampoo

The Paul Penders Love In The Layers Shampoo guarantees a mild and gentle wash with an exceptional cleansing power without stressing your beautiful hair.This natural herb shampoo was first formulated by Paul Penders himself, around 50 years ago. Chemical foaming agents in shampoos often dry out the scalp and strip the hair of natural beneficial oils causing the hair to lose its natural shine that results in an itchy scalp and causes dandruff. This shampoo contains coconut oil that gently cleanses and washes away dirt, leaving the hair soft and beautifully shinning. The Love In Layers Conditioner is full of botanical and herbal goodness.It effectively untangles hair, leaving your hair feeling smooth and silky. It’s best for strengthening brittle hair.


Love in the layers Conditioner

The Paul Penders shampoo and conditioner offerings also feature our Time Release Jasmine Shampoo and Herbal Lemon Conditioner that have been designed to cleanse the scalp to ensure a healthy foundation for beautiful hair and add shine, restore balance and harmony for all hair types.

Furthermore, our hair care range offers an Intensive Hair Repair Therapy, a treatment for dry, damaged and coloured hair that revitalizes and restores the natural lustre of the hair while targeting and repairing split ends. It’s infused with plant extracts and essential oils, combined with fatty acids to restore balance and life to the hair, resulting in glowing and healthy hair.


 Lastly, the Paul Penders hair care range extends to feature a versatile Leave in Balm that soothes and tames even the most dry and frizzy hair - Leave In De-Frizzing Balm. It is infused with pure plant, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals to protect, moisturize and restore your hair, and transform it into marvellously manageable and smooth hair.




Our Paul Penders hair care range has been carefully formulated to fight unwanted split ends, brittle and rough hair and is here to give you the best vegan beauty has to offer.

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