Paul Penders' Story

Our story began 50 years ago when our founder Paul Penders saw his grandparents run successful salons across the Netherlands. This encouraged his desire at a very young age to go beyond the chemical based beauty products and create natural, herbal, vegan and environmental friendly range of products, thereby making his name synonymous with natural herbal skincare.

With the encouragement from the Dutch herbal master Herma Eeftink and natural healer Dr. Ab Steyn, Paul decided to incorporate a unique family recipe, an herbal extract, into his products called LevensESSENTIE Gold™ (Dutch for "Essence of Life"), which was earlier used by his grandmother for extraordinary skin and hair care formulations. This very unique blend of LevensESSENTIE Gold™ is used in our products even today.
A Lifetime of Beauty
Paul’s fascination with cosmetology began at an early age. The foundation for his love was laid by his parents and grandmother who taught him their time-tested unique secrets.

An active environmentalist and ardent animal rights activist, Paul Penders incorporates these very beliefs in his products, today. His dedicated philosophy of ‘no chemical’ and ‘no animal testing’ started with shampoo and later evolved into an award-winning vegan skincare range of products for people of all ages, worldwide.

Every Paul Penders product is enriched with LevensESSENTIE Gold™ a 100 year old holistic infusion of natural herbs enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants which restores, rejuvenates, detoxifies and revitalizes the natural beauty of skin and hair. Paul Penders anti-aging skin care products now contain coconut water and natural enzymes as a base coconut water is loaded with vitamin nutrients and minerals, helping the skin look young and supple.

Our products are certified by an international accredited laboratory to guarantee their freshness and efficacy. At Paul Penders we retain the unique healing properties of natural botanicals which are found in the oldest rainforests of the world and combine it with our conventional cold-blended missing technology which helps keep the bio-active ingredients at full-strength while processing for maximum product potency. Paul Penders range of products provide viable results. Along with a bounty of awards the company was in focus in 2001 when it received excellent ratings from Researchers David Stonman MD and Samuel Epstein MD in their book : The Sate Shopper's Bible.
• To merge the idea of natural, organic skin care products with high pharmaceutical standards only using natures own pure ingredients.
• To make Skincare important in everyone's life as skin is the most important organ of a human body.
• Empowering everyone to celebrate the BEAUTY within!
• Be recognised for the quality and effectiveness of our products.
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