In order to fulfill our customer expectations for high quality products, we have made a commitment to excellence in our manufacturing processes, under the guidance of trained professional herbalist and senior head R&D for Paul Penders: Dr. Vinod Kumar Tiwari. We maintain our own fully-staffed laboratory and regard this as the keystone of our company.

We have expert knowledge of plants and natural perfumery and research and develop new products ourselves. We create our own formulations and do not buy ready-made formulations from private label manufacturers.

In 2013 our complete product range received global certification from the prestigious AVA (American Vegetarian Association) in New York. In 2016 all our products were certified, world-wide, by EWG (Environmental Working Group) in Washington DC to guarantee all products are 100% safe for consumers. In addition we carry a Halal certificate and manufacture under strict World Health Organization- GMP license. Our products are suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

Our products are made with love and positivity; from the choice of ingredients until to the end of the manufacturing process. Proven effective, our anti-aging & treatment products detoxify, soothe and rejuvenate skin with advanced ingredients such as our proprietary patent approved  LevensESSENTIE Gold™ herbal extract; coconut water; anti-oxidants; vitamins A, B, C & E; tocotrienols; enzymes; liposomes and ceramides. Even our all-natural preservative system is organic. Paul Penders products are free of 1.4-dioxane (a carcinogen according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency).

Natural & Herbal Ingredients

All our Ingredients are carefully chosen and tested before we use them. To make sure we make the safest cosmetics, they are tested to comply with international regulations worldwide.

We carefully choose the best quality of herbal ingredients from around the world.


Intensely powerful herbal extract of 22 organically grown herbs, present in all our products.

Essential Oils

We use the purest Essential Oils that helps to sooth & balance your skin.

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